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At Fortis Arbor we know wealth management isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs before we offer tailored advice that covers life, wealth & everything in between.

The Fortis Arbor Philosophy

Our unique philosophy captures the essence of Fortis Arbor which means strong tree in Latin. It has five stages, from seed to harvest.


The Seed Stage is the start of the Financial Planning journey. It begins with a small amount of investment and a tailored financial plan that aligns with the client's goals and objectives.


In the Germination Stage the seed germinates and sprouts. It’s time to invest regularly and grow the capital. The client and adviser align wealth strategies with the client's financial objectives.


The Growth Stage sees the tree grow, develop roots, branches, and leaves, as does the client’s wealth. The wealth strategy evolves, diversifies and adapts for long-term growth and stability.


The Maturity Stage. A mature tree is strong and self-sustaining. A well-managed, diversified portfolio will grow, generate and preserve wealth without too much intervention from the adviser.


The Harvest Stage is where the harvest yields fruits or timber. In Wealth Management, the focus rests on utilising the accumulated wealth to achieve the client's financial goals.

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our approach

Expert advice

The highest standard of advice from professionals dedicated to the unique needs of High Net-Worth individuals and families.

Personalised approach

Personalised financial planning, customised investment portfolios, exclusive investment opportunities and more.


We create bespoke financial plans and investment strategies with fully disclosed fees and costs. Keeping you informed - and in control - at all times.

Long-term planning

A comprehensive financial plan covering risk management, tax, estate and retirement planning. This plan is designed to maximise and grow your wealth long-term, providing ongoing financial security.